About Us

My first mistake, I married a chef. Over 20 years ago, Arizona farm girl meets Detroit chef. What was I thinking? Seriously, I was raised in a farming family that took vitamins, blended protein shakes out of raw eggs and powdered milk, and exercised back in the '60s. My husband, Steve, always said he would rather go without food than eat something that didn't taste good.

I began a quest to come up with a granola that tasted great. Steve bravely sampled my efforts time and again, but to no avail.

Undaunted, I pressed on. Fourteen years of refinements won him over. "Now that's good. I could eat it every day." Friends and family that try it also love it. Steve says, "The last bite tastes as good as the first."

Eat strong. Swing long,
Alicia Rehburg